Saturday, July 9, 2011

D Bar desserts

    What's the best part of every meal? Dessert. That's why there are two s's... you always want more. At least that's what my 3rd grade teacher told us to help remember the difference between dessert and the desert. One of the best places to get dessert in all of Denver is definitely Food Network Chef Keegan Gerhard's culinary and pastry sanctuary, D Bar Desserts.

    As the kickoff night of Julia's 25th birthday weekend, we chose this as our destination du jour for a light snack and an incredible dessert. One of their small plate specials this weekend was stuffed squash flowers and they were out of this world good. They took the delicate squash flower, stuffed it with lobster and goat cheese, it was then lightly breaded and fried, and over the top was micro cilantro, chili oil for a little spiciness, and red pepper. Holy flavor, Batman, that's some good stuff, but as Sinatra sang, "the best is yet to come."

light, flavorful, and amazing.


    I love to bake. I've had a lot of successes, but i've definitely had a few failures. Starting with Julia Child's orange spongecake as my first recipe I ever really tried to make (after cookies with my mom... and maybe a spaghetti dinner I tried to make my parents when I was about 12 that has sauce that was more like soup...) and having that turn out well encouraged me to keep it up! My biggest failure to date is probably Soufflé. Even hearing the word makes me nervous. Seeing it on a restaurant's menu makes me freeze up and need a lingering hug.*
    Seeing it on D Bar dessert's menu, however, made me feel calm and excited. Especially seeing that it was paired with beignets. The trio of all stars on one plate: a Grand Marnier Soufflé, passion fruit beigniets, and passion-mango sorbet. I think every bite was better than the one before.

Imagine the best thing you've ever eaten.
Now multiply that by 10 and that's what this was like.

    All of this thinking about this food had made me hungry; I think I need a sandwich. Happy eating!

*souffle doesn't make me THAT nervous, but i'll still take that hug.

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